Caregivers suffer more back injuries than workers in any other profession

By ArjoHuntleigh, March 2 2015

Caregivers suffer one of the highest musculoskeletal injury rates of any profession, including construction, mining and factory work.

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Manual patient handling: a burden on caregivers and healthcare facilities

By ArjoHuntleigh, February 23 2015

Despite decades of evidence documenting the hazardous effects on both caregivers and patients, manual patient handling remains common practice in healthcare facilities around the world.

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Prevention is better than cure at Arab Health

By John Gregory, January 28 2015

ArjoHuntleigh in association with the other Getinge Group companies; Maquet and Getinge Infection Control is present for the important Arab Health. At ArjoHuntleigh in everything we do, we do it with people in mind.


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1,800 Patient Falls Result in Death Every Year

By John Gregory, November 17 2014

An estimated 1,800 elderly patients/residents die from falls and fall related injuries while in care every year.


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UK Nurses Concerned About Patient Safety

By John Gregory, November 11 2014

More than 75% of nurses in the UK are concerned about patient safety, a new survey conducted by Nursing Times has revealed.


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