Press Release: AWO Thüringen, a leading German welfare association signs 2 year contract for ArjoHuntleigh products from Getinge Group

By Tracey Dawe, June 7 2016

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Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO), Thüringen, a German welfare association has signed a 2 year deal for a portfolio of ArjoHuntleigh product solutions to support efficiency and quality in elderly care and mobilization.  


AWO is one of the six leading German associations of independent welfare and one of the largest employers in Germany with some 145,000 full-time employees, in some 220 residences.

The most common challenge faced by healthcare facilities today is funding and to address this, AWO initiated the ArjoHuntleigh ProACT™, a capital planning assessment tool exclusively developed by Getinge Group. The findings from ProACT™ enabled AWO Thüringen to have a clearer understanding of the investment planning required which in turn focused on maximizing their return on equipment investments, increase operational efficiency and improve quality of care.

AWO Thüringen will also participate in Getinge Group’s training program for ArjoHuntleigh products and solutions for safe patient handling. The majority of staff accidents in today’s healthcare organizations are associated with moving and transferring residents within a facility. This training program, led by a clinical consultancy team, will mentor and train management and staff in mobilizing residents safely in the everyday care processes. 

After the assessment Michael Hack, Director from AWO AJS GmbH commented “We liked the concept very much, as it is tailored to our specific needs and provides fact-based decisions. We can now see for every facility which products and tools are available and what should be invested to improve our processes. This facilitates the everyday work for our nursing staff and also makes sense from the economic perspective.” 

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