ArjoHuntleigh release new online Sling Selector tool

By Zeenat Sheikh, February 22 2016

Helping you find the right sling - the Sling Selector assists you in finding the most suitable sling solution for your lift system, tailored to your specific needs.


Slings are critical to our patient lifting systems and the ArjoHuntleigh range includes around 60 different types of slings to suit individual patients. It can be a challenge to identify which of these are suitable for your exact requirements.

The new Sling Selector tool offers a quick and easy filtering system so you can view, compare and save information about the correct slings for you. 

You are able to select the appropriate requirements including which lifter is being used, the activity or transfer being carried out and the type of patient it is for. The Selection tool is designed to be fully flexible, so you can filter your choice based on just one or more factors.

The selection can be saved and printed in a personalised catalogue format with detailed sling information. Any number of products can be selected, ranging from the full portfolio to one single sling. It also provides the ability to request a quote by simply clicking on any of the slings.

Access the ArjoHuntleigh Sling Selector

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