Support Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2015

By Zeenat Sheikh, October 13 2015

Join in Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2015 on November 19 and help us increase the awareness of pressure ulcers amongst the public and healthcare professionals.

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Join in World Thrombosis Day 2015

By Zeenat Sheikh, October 2 2015

One in four people worldwide die from thrombosis. World Thrombosis Day aims to help prevent this by raising awareness of venous thromboembolism (VTE).

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4 essentials for designing the toilet room for patients

By Zeenat Sheikh, July 15 2015

A well planned toilet room/area with the correct equipment can lead to dignity and independence for patients, and save time for caregivers.

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Safe patient transfer demonstration

By Paul Wilkinson, July 10 2015

Standing aids can be used to transfer patients throughout a wide range of healthcare environments. This helps to minimize manual handling by caregivers.

Residents/patients in care environments gain important physical and psychological benefits when their mobility is maintained.

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Topics: Work Related Injuries, Immobility

5 things to remember when choosing a hospital bed

By Zeenat Sheikh, July 9 2015

The hospital bed is likely to be the one piece of medical equipment the patient or resident spends most time in contact with so it is essential that the choice of medical bed is made carefully.

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How patient classification tools can help you plan efficient care

By Zeenat Sheikh, June 30 2015

Each patient is different, and their care environment and treatment must reflect their needs and level of mobility. Although the ’typical’ patient does not exist, in order to provide optimised care there needs to be some level of standardisation and classification.

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Top 3 ways to achieve patient mobility

By Zeenat Sheikh, June 24 2015

Increasing mobility in patients has significant long and short term benefits including greater well-being for patients and staff as well as reduced cost of treatment.

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New immigration rules will cause chaos in the NHS, union warns

By Zeenat Sheikh, June 22 2015

Thousands of nurses would be deported from the UK under new migrant salary rules, which the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) warns would add to the shortage of nurses and cost the NHS millions on recruitment.

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Manual patient lifting places nurses at serious risk

By Zeenat Sheikh, June 11 2015

More than 80% of nurses suffer an injury directly related to patient handling at some point in their career, highlighting the importance of investing in the safety of caregivers.


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Obesity set to significantly rise in the next 15 years

By Zeenat Sheikh, May 14 2015

A report by the World Health Organisation has warned that levels of obesity in Europe will reach staggering highs by 2030.

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